Benny's first visit in over a year! He did demos at the group activities day for the residents.

This is River. He is two years old and very excited to be starting our visits!

Jake is back visiting at school. He was so happy he cried!

Happy New Year from Maxwell and Tallulah, who are looking forward to spending more time on therapy visits and less time at home with cousin Quinnie!

Clancy is dropping by to wish you all a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Bernie!

Happy New Year from Quinn!

Just wanted to wish everybody Happy New Year from the late therapy dog Teddy. He was registered with TDI for over ten years and reached the level of TDIG!

Happy New Year from Melody!

Bo is just waiting for the new year; wishing all a healthy and better 2022!

Happy New Year from Kumi TDIG!